Pickleball players from La Paz and Cabo San Lucas are traveling to Tres Palapas daily to play.  Many are staying in Los Barriles for several days to enjoy the facility.   Watch the activity by clicking  here

Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort growing in popularity

The Birds of Baja

The Beach at Los Barriles too many lost much of its beauty due to the tropical storm Lydia.  Debris and changes in the access to the beach has many feeling sad about the effects of the storm.  Los Barriles news recently flew over the beach at Sunset.  To see video click  here

Below is a slideshow of of pictures taken at sunset and sunrise from the sea towards Los Barriles.

Libre 72 is you may say "the talk of the town".   This new coffee shop located in the Tres Palapas Baja Pickileball Resort is rapidly becoming acclaimed the best in town.   Not only does if have a great coffee selection, it has juices and smoothies that make for a complete breakfast.  For those wanting to cook at home the fresh vegetable selection from Oscar's vegetable farm are offered for sale.   The staff makes you feel appreciated.   Meet the staff by clicking here

Los Barriles News flew our drone over the sea searching for Rays.   A school of 22 Rays traveled along the shore line.  Several times the magnificent creatures traveled close to the beach.   It is one of the reasons we all love Los Barriles. Seen from above the Rays maybe even more interesting.  Click for video

Los Barriles Beach is not the same.  

Rays will once again be an entertainment source for los Barriles

New Coffee, Juice and Vegetable outlet becoming a favorite in Los Barriles

New Flyover of Los Barriles Beach  Sunrise 

To see video click  here

Resort south of Buena Vista on Hold?

Two years ago a fence was built near the beach south of Buena Vista.   The property was reported to be owned by the family that owns the Las Palmas hotel in Los Barriles.  The main owner of the hotel and a government official were reported to be building a resort with a marina and golf course.   Since the fence nothing has happened.  Los Barriles News flew a drone over the property.  To see the video click here.

In this video you travel south in the early morning to the estuary. At the estuary you see an amazing bird population close up.  The trek starts in Los Barriles.  You can see a light in the sky that has not been identified.  Along the way Fishermen prepare for a day of fishing.  We get to the estuary when the light is perfect.  Notice
the bird leg movements as they are reflected off the water.  The sound of birds is prominent with the sound of the sea in the back ground.  

Click here.

Los Barriles beauty salon celebrates twelve years in Business.  To visit Salon Cortez, located in the Los Palmas Hotel  click here.

A flyover of the newest resort in Los Barriles leaves no doubt the resort is being used.

From Yoga to happy hour three times a week the resort's popularity is growing.  The resort is not only open to the pubic, the public is welcome.  Libre 72 coffee, juice and smoothies are being appreciated.   Los Barriles news Recently finished a picture/video show of the resorts popularity with pickleball Players.  Unlike the video no one is singing the blues...See video by     clicking here

Fisherman's Soak Popular at the Salon de Cortez see the Kick Ass work of Viry.  Click here

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