EPN announces bill easing marijuana laws
Law would allow medical marijuana, increase limit on possession for personal use

Legalizing marijuana does not have widespread support in Mexico, according to polls, nor did it have that of President Enrique Peña Nieto last December. The president announced he would send legislation to Congress that not only permits the use of marijuana for scientific and medical purposes but increases the amount a person may possess to 28 grams from five.

The measures are in line with the presiden’s speech Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Problem, or UNGASS, in which he spoke in favor of both.  He said the new law would end the criminalization of marijuana consumption and permit the use of medicines made from a base of marijuana and/or its active ingredients. Clinical research into marijuana-based products would also be allowed.  
The law will also free anyone serving jail time or currently on trial for possession of less than 28 grams of marijuana. 
Two events last year put marijuana use in the limelight. The first was a court ruling in August allowing the parents of a child who suffered from epilepsy to treat her with a marijuana-based product.

The second was the Supreme Court’s ruling in November that allowed four people who challenged marijuana laws to cultivate, process and possess it for their personal use. The decision applied only to those four but opened the door to legalization.

A week later Peña Nieto made it clear he was opposed to legalizing marijuana but at the same time announced a series of forums to develop a consensus on marijuana policy.

One recent poll found 71% opposed to recreational marijuana, while 64% approved its use for medicinal purposes.

The father of the child with epilepsy hailed the president’s move but said there were still more changes required. He said his daughter’s suffering had been reduced by 80% with the marijuana-based treatment.  souce Mexico News Daily

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Mexico decriminalizing and releasing inmates doing time for possession of less than an ounce of pot

Tenders invited for 4G mobile network

Project is intended to provide broadband Internet to 85% of the population

  Mexico News Daily | Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Mexican government took a major step yesterday towards connecting most of the country with its invitation to bid on a wholesale mobile network.
The intention is to provide high-speed, broadband Internet access through a shared 4G mobile network to at least 85% of the country’s population.
The Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) estimates that less than half of Mexicans currently have mobile broadband subscriptions, and that only 22% of all mobile data is carried on 4G LTE networks. 

Providing such coverage for 85% of the population is expected to require an investment of US $3.5 billion. Reaching the other 15% is prohibitive for cost reasons: to extend coverage to 95% would double the required investment to around $7 billion, due to the geographical and infrastructural characteristics of Mexico’s most remote areas. 

Companies that have expressed interest in participating in the wholesale market include Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Huawei, Nokia, China Telecom, Motorola Solutions and Alestra. Among other requirements bidders must have assets worth US $890 million and present a model for the next 10 years.

The winner of the tender will be granted cheap access to spectrum in the 700-MHz band, freed up in December after the completion of Mexico’s much postponed switch to digital television. 

The firm with the best proposal will be granted a 20-year public-private partnership to build an LTE network. Mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) will then be able to rent capacity on that network.


Communications Undersecretary Mónica Aspe said the federal government will make available thousands of sites on its public buildings to rent to mobile operators, in order to help speed up the rollout of the network and keep costs down. 

The network will also be able to rent infrastructure from specialist towers companies like Telesites and American Tower.

The government’s goal is to position Mexico as one of the 15 most digitized countries by 2024.
The SCT will determine the winner this summer, said Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, adding that “this is the most important project coming out of the telecommunications reforms.” The project is nearly two years late getting started.

Esparza also announced that by 2018, mobile operators will lower their rates by up to 50%, making their services more accessible to the population.

Source: Wireless Week (en), El Financiero (sp)- See more at: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tenders-invited-for-4g-mobile-network/#sthash.ZCVwcS4L.dpuf

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