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Los Barriles Pickleball players play in tournament to send area youngsters to high school.


  The event is the memorial tournament arranged by Sharon Cook in memory of her son Ian Everett who died in an automobile accident.  Proceeds from the tournament go to assist local high school students helping them pay for their high school educations.


  In this year’s tournament, Ms Cook convinced US Singles Pickleball Champion Tyson McGuffin to attend the event, which included clinics given by McGuffin.  She also got great support from Selkirk Sport to put on the event that will send more than 25 students to high school.  Event organizers Gary Gierlich and Jim Hall put on the tournament, with more than sixty competitors, at Hall’s home court located north of Los Barriles.


  The “Al Co Hall” court is one of the finer private courts in Baja.  Hall and his wife Sandy closed the event with a dinner for the participants. The event had three levels of competition.  Winners of their level of competition were Steve Jensen, Sara Plotkin and Tony Krause.


 As one can see in the video the event featured some great games.  click here


Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort continues to be recognized

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