Some East Cape Adventurers travel the mountains and Arroyos from Los Barriles, to San Bartollo to La Ventana.  Great landscape see it  here.

Highlights of Los Barriles Parade and Carnival click here

Why we love Los Barriles.  Travel along the beach and then into the water with paddle board and kayak  click to see video

In this video you travel south in the early morning to the estuary. At the estuary you see an amazing bird population close up.  The trek starts in Los Barriles.  You can see a light in the sky that has not been identified.  Along the way Fishermen prepare for a day of fishing.  We get to the estuary when the light is perfect.  Notice

the bird leg movements as they are reflected off the water.  The sound of birds is prominent with the sound of the sea in the back ground.  

Click here.

Fly over the estuaries and travel the sand dunes near La Ribera Click here

If you haven't seen the arroyo west of Los Barriles take this video tour by Clicking here.

The Birds of Baja

The East Bay Adventurers travel to the Hot Spring Pools above San Antonio and then to the BAT CAVE  Click here

To fly with the Buzzards near Los Barriles Sports Park Click here

To see this excitng video click here

See the waterfall in Arroyo west from Los Barriles from the sky in this drone video click

See the beautiful coast line and estuaries south of Los Barriles and north of La Ribera from above. Click here

A trip to San Bartolo from Los Barriles

It was a great adventure.  Adventurers from East Cape were thrilled with one of the most treasured treks in the mountains west of Los Barriles.  Through the arroyos leading to El Coro to the the mountain tops south of San Bartolo the views were great.  Click here to see it

East Cape Adventurers travel to Light House for huge wiener roast

View Snorkel beach from Above 

Click here

Beach and legunes north of La Ribera suffer significant damage due to Tropical Storm Lydia. The white sand beach gone.   See video from a year ago and January this year click here

Slide show of the Baja 3oo to see video Click Here

Traveling from Los Barriles to the sea north of the Bay of Dreams,   this mountain road is one of the most scenic trails in Baja.  To travel with us click  here